Five Finger Discount, ignoring the rules, making money, amassing power, having fun, and doing whatever we want… for good though, not evil!

Starting a brand has been an idea ping ponging around in my head for longer than I can remember. At first the thought was “It’d be great if a company made products emblazoned with (insert humorous/irreverent/cool design) on them.” That morphed into “If I had a company I would use (insert humorous/irreverent/cool design) to make a line.” To “If I can come up with solid brand name, I have no choice but to attempt to make a go of it, incorporate all these killer designs and if nothing else I’ll have goods with designs I dig.”

After kicking around a few different potential brand names, a phrase from my youth crept back into my consciousness “Five Finger Discount”. The name fit like a glove since a great many of the ideas I have come up with are “inspired” by existing branding, logos, and designs. Five Finger Discount draws a bit of inspiration from Steve Rocco and what he did with his company, World Industries back in the late 80’s early 90’s. He ignored the critics, broke all the rules, did whatever he wanted, and along the way took over an industry!

Much like Rocco did with World Industries, Five Finger Discount is ignoring the rules, The Rules Don’t Apply, making use of the ol’ “five finger discount” to “borrow” ideas for products and lines in order to make money, amass power and have fun doing whatever we want.

Making money and amassing power to do whatever we want may appear diabolical and self-centered until it’s revealed that “whatever we want” includes supporting various charitable causes and benevolent endeavors that when support is feasible will benefit, our local communities, veterans, first responders, conservation organizations, agricultural organizations, school meal programs, and youth sports to name a few.  

Five Finger Discount is in its infancy. We need to experience some stabilizing growth before we can throw meaningful support behind other organizations. Much like an airline safety brief, we need to put our mask on first before we can assist others! In the meantime, we have begun the process of identifying causes and programs that Five Finger Discount would potentially be a good fit for.

Five Finger Discount, for those that who look at the rules and say “That sh!t doesn’t apply to me. I am going to apply logic, assume the risks, have fun and do what I want to do!”  

- The Rules Don’t Apply